Tooth Extractions for Children

There's nothing quite like seeing your child lose their first tooth, especially since most baby teeth fall out on their own. However, infant teeth may require some assistance to progress. When a child's teeth become seriously decaying or broken, or when baby teeth begin to crowd adult teeth, it may be important to consider having them extracted.

Tooth extraction for your child is usually a simple process that will not give you or your child any anxiety.

When Does a Pediatric Dentist Recommend Extraction?

Primary teeth (known as "baby teeth") are expected to fall out about the time a child enters elementary school, but a tooth won't loosen and fall out naturally until the permanent tooth below pushes through the gums. However, some children's dental problems may necessitate tooth extractions before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. Following are the most common reasons for a child's tooth extraction:

  • Extensive decay that cannot be treated with a filling or a root canal.
  • A fractured or broken tooth that is too damaged to restore.
  • Overcrowding that may cause problems with jaw growth.
  • To prepare for braces.

When alternative treatment options have failed, most pediatric dentists will consider tooth extraction as a final resort.

What Does Tooth Extraction In Children Involve?

Both parents and children may be nervous about having a tooth extracted, but in most circumstances, the surgery is simple and less involved than an adult tooth extraction. 

We'll begin by taking an X-ray to examine the tooth's roots and bone condition. A straightforward extraction usually just necessitates the use of a topical anesthetic. We'll then use forceps to remove the tooth, twisting it in the socket to separate the periodontal ligaments that connect the tooth to the jawbone. For more difficult extractions, some gum tissue near the tooth may need to be removed before the tooth can be extracted. This type of surgery frequently necessitates IV sedation.

Follow-up Care

A sterilized gauze will be applied to the affected area directly after the tooth is removed. In some situations, a few small stitches may be required to aid in the healing of the extraction site. The child must avoid rinsing his/her mouth for at least 24 hours after the procedure and positively take the medicines prescribed by the dentist. Crunchy or hard foods must be avoided for a few days after the procedure.

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