Soft Tissue Laser

Laser treatment in dentistry is a new approach to address many dental problems quickly and less invasively. While hard tissue laser treatments are for your teeth, soft tissue laser treatments are mostly performed on your gums. 

Soft tissue laser is one popular form of laser therapy that we use on our patients to address different concerns. The procedure creates an optimal healing environment and reduces muscle spasms, inflammation, and pain.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment Procedures

When you visit our dental clinic for a soft tissue laser treatment, we examine your dental condition and recommend a suitable plan to treat your concern. Lasers are used for different dental problems.

  • We use soft tissue laser treatment to treat your gummy smile. Under this procedure, we reshape your gum tissues by contouring them with the use of a laser. As a result, the size of the gums is minimized, and you get a more attractive smile.
  • Soft tissue laser treatment is also used for crown lengthening. We use this technology to reshape your gum tissue and bone to strengthen your tooth structure.
  • This procedure also treats tongue frenulum attachment. You can bring your little ones to our dental clinic to perform this less-invasive surgery.
  • Lasers are also used to remove soft tissue folds without letting you bear the pain.

Other applications of soft tissue laser treatment include:

Periodontal Procedures

We use soft-tissue laser surgery around your implant. It is a quick and painless procedure that also minimizes trauma.

Aphthous Ulcers

Some people suffer from Aphthous Ulcers or canker sores. Treating such conditions with a scalpel can be painful for patients. We, therefore, perform soft tissue laser surgery to remove the ulcer. You will also be given topical applicants after the surgery to recover quickly.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

  • When you opt for soft tissue laser treatment or surgery, there is a reduced need for stitches. In some cases, you may not need stitches at all.
  • This technique of treatment doesn’t result in bleeding as the use of a laser increases blood clotting.
  • Some procedures are so painless and quick that we may not administer anesthesia before performing them.
  • Soft tissue laser treatment doesn’t involve the risk of bacterial infections. It is because the use of laser technology decontaminates the site of treatment.  
  • The recovery time involving soft tissue laser surgery is faster. Besides, the treatment doesn’t cause harm to the nearby tissues.

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