Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a medical procedure that is performed to relax the patient during a dental procedure. The dentists offer various types of sedation to the patients that help to avoid discomfort during the dental treatment. At Cozy Cabin Dental, our dentists provide sedation to adults and children if they need it before performing the treatments. 

Advantages of Sedation During Treatments

  • Sedation helps to reduce stress and anxiety regarding dental treatments.
  • It reduces the sensation of pain during dental procedures.
  • The process reduces the gag reflex that some patients tend to have during dental treatments.
  • Sedation eases the treatment procedure for dentists and increases their efficiency.
  • It is safe for dental use and does not cause any problem when administered by a dentist. 

Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are various types of sedatives provided by dentists considering the age of the patient and the type of dental procedure to be performed on them. The more common types of sedation are presented below.

Laughing gas: This is a popular type of sedative that is used during dental treatments. Also known as nitrous oxide, the sedative is provided to the patient through a mask that covers the nose. The sedative enables communication during the procedure and is considered ideal for children during dental procedures. 

IV Sedation: This type of sedation is administered by being injected into the patient’s vein. IV sedation reduces the sensation of smell, sight, and sound during the dental procedure. It keeps the patient awake during the treatment but remains less aware of the process.

General anesthesia: This sedation puts the patient to sleep during the treatment. The sedative is injected through the vein and the patient falls asleep. The recovery from the sedative takes longer and the patient will have no memory about the procedure.

Is Sedation Safe for Patients?

Sedating the patient before long dental procedures is vital to avoid discomfort for both the patient and the dentist. Before performing the sedation process, the dentists inquire about the patient's medical history, which helps determine if the process is suited for them. The dentists then provide all the needed information regarding the sedative so that the patient is well informed about it before administration. 

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