Restorative Dentistry

Often, kids give a second thought to their visit to a dental clinic. The machines, procedures, and the fear of pain during the procedures make them feel anxious. But when you bring your little one to our clinic, we create a positive environment for them. We make them feel calm and comfortable while performing restorative dental care to maintain their oral health. 

What is Restorative Dentistry for Children? 

Restorative dentistry in children covers all the treatments and procedures to replace or restore their damaged or missing teeth. Whether your child suffers from a dental injury, develops a cavity, or has any functional or aesthetic dental concern, we make sure to restore their teeth to offer them a beautiful and healthy smile. Here are the popular restorative dental procedures in children: 

Strip Crowns 

They are tooth-colored caps that we place in front of your child’s front teeth that are prone to developing cavities. The role of these crowns is to cover the entire tooth. They are made using the same material as composite fillings. The use of such material in their composition gives them a natural appearance without compromising their smile. The procedure of strip crowns is simple. Our dentist places them on your child’s damaged teeth, and the material remains in place until it is hardened. After this, we remove the plastic shell such that only the crown remains on their teeth. 


We may perform this procedure when the cavity reaches your child’s gum and decays the same. The pulpotomy involves the removal of the infected portion from their gum and is mostly performed on children with baby teeth. This procedure saves them from further tooth decay. 

Dental Fillings 

Dental fillings or composite fillings include a tooth-colored material that we put on your little one’s mouth to restore the decay in the front or back of their teeth. These filings are designed to give a natural appearance to their smile. They are the most common and non-invasive type of procedure that we perform on children of all ages. 

We also use this procedure to fill cavities or the areas with tooth decay. Cavities occur due to the bacteria that house the mouth when one doesn’t take optimum care of their oral health. 


After performing the above-listed restorative procedures on your little ones, we will also urge them to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing their teeth regularly. 

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