Oral Cancer Screening

When you visit our dentist for regular check-ups of your teeth, they help improve more than just your smile. These consultations also help to check the signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the most severe oral diseases which causes the uncontrollable growth of cancerous cells, invading and damaging surrounding tissues. This umbrella term includes cancers of the tongue, lips, the floor of the mouth, cheeks, and hard palate. If not diagnosed and treated on time, it can be life-threatening. 

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

  • Thickening and swelling, lumps, bumps, eroded areas, or rough spots on the areas such as gums, lips, and inside your mouth. 
  • Development of white, red, or mixed patches in your mouth. 
  • Unexpected bleeding from the mouth. 
  • Loss of feeling, numbness, pain, or tenderness in the areas such as your ear, face, neck, and mouth. 
  • Sores on your neck, face, and mouth that do not heal in two weeks and bleed easily. 
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing the food, difficulty speaking or even moving your tongue and jaw. 
  • Lump in your neck 

Oral Screening 

Oral screening refers to an examination performed at our dental clinic where our dentist looks for the signs of precancerous conditions or cancer in your mouth. This screening aims to identify oral cancer in the early stages so that the treatment can be taken at the right time and cancer can be cured. 

We perform oral screening of your mouth during your routine dental visit. We may also use additional tests and examinations to identify areas of abnormal cells. 

Visual Exam 

A visual exam includes checking for swellings, asymmetries, patches of color, bumps, and other abnormalities in your mouth. We will observe your lips, cheeks, face, neck, inside of your nose, as well as your oral cavity under a visual examination. 

Physical Exam 

We may also perform a physical examination by touching your neck, face, and mouth and feeling the presence of unusual masses or nodules. Some nodules or masses may feel painful, while others may be painless. Hence, it is essential to carry out a physical examination to reach the core of the diagnosis. 

Oral Cancer Screening Devices 

Several screening devices are used by our dentist to complete your oral screening. An oral brush biopsy helps to remove the cells painlessly so that we may test them. There are enhanced oral assessment devices that identify suspicious oral tissues using a fluorescent light. 

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