Laughing Gas

Laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is a sedative used while performing dental treatments. It reduces the stress and anxiety of the patient regarding the procedure and helps them relax. Cozy Cabin Dental recommends using laughing gas for adults and children who have to go through lengthy dental procedures. 

Advantages of Laughing Gas

  • Laughing gas takes an immediate effect on the body, helping the patient to relax completely. 
  • Recovery from the sedative after the procedure is immediate. 
  • It increases the tolerance level of the patient, enabling them to sit through long procedures. 
  • Laughing gas is odorless and does not cause any irritation when breathed in.
  • It does not cause any side effects and is considered safe for the patient.


How Is Laughing Gas Administered?

Laughing gas is provided to the patient before the oral procedure. They are made to sit on the dental chair and the dentist attaches the mask to the nose. The dentist then sets the level of laughing gas and then releases it to be inhaled by the patient. The sedative quickly takes effect on the patient and may make them feel light-headed. 

The level of gas released can be controlled by the dentist accordingly. Laughing gas allows communication, unlike other sedatives. The effect of the gas wears off immediately after the mask is detached from the nose. 

Is Laughing Gas a Safe Option for Patients?

Laughing gas is used as a sedative during dental procedures on patients of all ages. It is a clinically tested method that does not cause any discomfort to patients. But before starting the process, the dentists enquire about the patient's medical history to know if the procedure is appropriate for them.  Patients who have diseases like emphysema and women who are pregnant are not provided the sedative as it may cause complications. 

Sedation is a process that patients would often require before long dental procedures. It creates a state of mind where the patient can cooperate with the dentist for the dental process. It also enables the patient to be more confident about visiting the dentist and enables them to regularly keep their dental appointments. 

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