Infant Oral Exam

As a parent, it is integral to take your infant for an oral examination. Many experts of pediatric dentistry suggest that the first oral examination of infants should happen between six months to one year of age. 

You can bring your little one to our clinic, and we will carry out an oral screening. We may also review their diet, discuss age-appropriate hygiene with you and tell you all the measures to follow to maintain your infant’s oral health. 

Oral Examination for Infants 

The first examination of the infant helps us to evaluate the risk of any type of oral disease that they may develop. We will inform you about oral health care and evaluate their fluoride exposure. 

During the first examination, we may also take the complete medical history of the infant into consideration. After carrying out their complete oral examination, we will discuss the details such as tooth brushing demo and prophylaxis. If required, a fluoride treatment shall be included in their plan. 

We will assess the risk of caries developing in your little one and plan the means to prevent them. Alongside this, the oral examination of your infant will also include guidance regarding teething, dental development, oral hygiene instructions, and others. 


Teething of your infant can lead to pain in the areas where their teeth are erupting. It may also result in salivation, and your child may become very restless. To address the problem, you can opt for some oral analgesic or even give them a chilled ring. Do not use topical applications such as gels on your little ones. 

Oral Hygiene 

You must make it a point to practice oral hygiene for your infant right when their first tooth develops. Brush their teeth twice a day using a very soft toothbrush of a small size. Do not go overboard with the quantity of toothpaste. The only suitable amount of toothpaste equal to a smear must be used. 

Diet Tips 

Human milk is a boon for infants, and apart from providing the required nutrition, it also saves them from several diseases. Also, human milk has no relation with developing dental caries in your little ones, but frequent bottle feeding may lead to the same. Feed your little ones with the bottle of milk only after consulting with us. We will guide you on how frequently the bottle feeding should be done.  

Please reach out to our dental practice in West Jordan, UT, to have a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Gardois. Please call us at (801) 871-5820 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.

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