If your little one suffers from difficulty speaking or has a large gap between their front teeth, we may recommend frenectomy to treat the problem. A frenectomy refers to a surgical procedure that also uses a laser to sever the frenum. A frenum happens to be a small piece of skin that attaches two tissues of the mouth – lips, gums, or cheeks. 

Why Opt for Frenectomy? 

  • Frenectomy helps to improve bite function and speech in children. 
  • It reduces pain and discomfort that they may be otherwise suffering. 
  • The procedure also eliminates gaps between the teeth, thus promoting self-confidence in your little ones. 

Is Frenectomy Hurtful? 

When you walk into our clinic for this procedure, we may perform it in two ways – using scissors or with lasers. Both these procedures are quick and straightforward. However, we will highly recommend laser frenectomy for kids as it is more comfortable and painless. The laser procedure involves zero bleeding, and the recovery time, too, is minor. The entire process takes place in less than 20 minutes.

What Does Frenectomy Involve? 

  • After the consultation, we will diagnose the issue and make your little one sit or lie down. 
  • We will apply a topical anesthetic to the area of the procedure to numb it. It ensures that no pain is caused throughout the surgery. 
  • For standard surgery, we will nip out the frenum using surgical scissors, scalpel, or cauterizing instruments. If you have opted for laser surgery, the same will be done using laser technology. 
  • In case of surgery involving the use of scissors, we may want to make a few stitches to close the incision. 

What is the Recovery Period? 

There is no elaborate recovery period after the surgery takes place. You will be given some instructions to follow on your little ones. Keep the site of the surgery clean for a few days. For adults, it is essential to limit the intake of a few foods during the initial days of the surgery. It is because when the food is trapped into your mouth, the risk of infection may increase. 

After the procedure, we will also prescribe some oral antibiotics to prevent complications or infections. The healing process starts after two days. You will notice that the area of surgery will begin to scar over after a week of the procedure. You can resume all normal activities and your regular eating habits after a week. 


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