Children's Sleep and Orthopedic Appliances

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a common problem, even in children, and if your child snores or suffers from this problem, you must bring them to our dental clinic to find the best solution. In most cases of sleep apnea, we suggest the use of children's sleep and orthopedic appliances. 

This non-invasive approach makes sure that your child sleeps comfortably. These appliances are designed in such a way that they keep the airway stay open. Some of these devices also function like orthodontics, thereby helping in straightening your child's teeth or saving them from becoming crooked. 

What is the Use of Orthopedic Appliances? 

There are many uses of oral appliances for your child's dental health. Apart from holding the airway open and reducing the need for orthodontics, these appliances also boost the proper growth of their jaw and palate. These devices help your child breathe soundly at night. The force form of the device helps push outward, which stimulates jaw growth. These appliances also keep crowding at bay. 

How do Orthopedic Appliances Work? 

When your child sleeps, the muscles holding their airway open during the day relax, allowing the airway to close subconsciously. The use of oral appliances moves your child's jaw to hold it open, even when the muscles relax or the tongue falls behind. The force put on the appliance then pushes the teeth outward, thus encouraging the growth of the palate. As a result, your child sleeps comfortably, nor do they snore. 

What are the Different Orthopedic Appliances? 

Various appliances are available to use for the kids, and our dentist shall provide the most suitable one after looking into your child's case. Although these appliances may look different from each other, they help in achieving the same results. 

Kids Habit Corrector

This device is a custom-fit mouth appliance that our dentist recommends after checking your child's condition and then designing it to fit their mouth. The role of this device is to eliminate all the negative oral habits that they may be suffering from.

Kids Appliance

This appliance helps to move your child's teeth to a suitable position. Some of the models also help in correcting jaw relations and expanding the arches for the upcoming adult teeth so that they don't suffer from crowding or any other problem in the future.

Pre-Teen Appliance

We may also recommend a pre-teen appliance to your growing kid to align their teeth and let their gums adhere to their permanent teeth.

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