3D planning for Implants

Over the last ten years, oral and maxillofacial radiology has made tremendous progress. Patients can benefit directly from the improvements.

Treatment planning is essential, and the ability to understand the anatomy of the jaw before surgery is particularly advantageous. Dental implantology is a prosthetic specialization that also includes surgery. In many circumstances, being able to visualize the link between the teeth to be repaired and the bone accessible before surgery is critical.

What is Required to Plan an Implant Surgery Using Advanced Radiology?

Dental CT- scan

Cone-beam computed tomography (CT) is a form of x-ray machine employed when standard dental or facial x-rays aren't enough. In a single scan, this form of CT scanner generates three-dimensional (3-D) images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve routes, and bone in the craniofacial region using a particular sort of technology. More exact treatment planning is possible thanks to images generated using cone-beam CT.

Dental implant treatment planning software

Implant planning software is a significant tool in implant surgery that employs advanced CT scan data to help conduct the procedure swiftly, safely, and predictably. 

Implant dentistry has effectively used CAD/CAM technology. It is used to improve the design and manufacture of dental restorations, particularly dental prostheses such as crowns, veneers, bridges, dental implant-supported restorations, removable and fixed dentures, and orthodontic aligners. CAD/CAM technology enables the patient to receive a well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting prosthesis.

How is 3D Planning for Implants Done?

We take a CT scan of your mouth before performing dental implant surgery. The scan generates a three-dimensional image of your mouth, which is displayed on a computer monitor. The image gives us a close-up glimpse at the structures in your mouth. We can rotate the scan, zoom in on different locations, and improve the image for clarity with the help of specialized software. These characteristics assist us in gaining a better understanding of your mouth. We can then evaluate the best implant placement for you and deliver the finest aesthetic results. The CAD/CAM technology is used to manufacture your implant-supported restorations such as the crown.

Benefits of 3D planning

  • It gives accurate results
  • Faster treatment planning
  • The dentist can deeply study your mouth's condition and give accurate judgments
  • The data can be saved in files and reviewed anytime.
  • Easier analysis as the images taken can be magnified or rotated as required.

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