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Dental Cleaning and Periodontal Treatments

Dental Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings are essential to keep your teeth and gums clean, remove plaque and tartar build-up, and improve your overall oral health. For your professional dental cleanings, our dental practice is the right place to turn to. Our dental cleanings are painless, straightforward, and can help achieve exceptional results.

Procedure for Dental Cleanings

Before our specialist starts the cleaning process, they use a small concave mirror to check your mouth for any signs of oral issues, such as plaque, inflamed gums, and in some cases, tartar build-up, or even dark spots on your teeth. What's more, our dental experts will use a small hooked tool called a scaler to remove any tartar and plaque from the covering of the teeth, beside the gum line, and in between the teeth. Also, our specialist carefully polishes the teeth and removes any stain using a handheld electric tool with a rubber cup attached and an abrasive toothpaste called prophylaxis paste.

Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal disease targets the gums and the bone that helps the teeth. Periodontal treatment involves expertly cleaning the pockets around teeth to stop them from damaging the surrounding bone. In some cases, it might require surgery.

Procedure for Periodontal Treatments

Our specialists start by using scaling to take out bacteria and tartar from beneath your gums and your tooth surfaces. This step might be performed using a laser, instruments, or an ultrasonic device. They then proceed to smoothen the root surfaces to discourage more build-up of bacteria and tartar and take out the by-products of bacteria that support inflammation and delay healing or reconnection of the gum to the tooth's surface. Oral antibiotics or topical antibiotics can go a long way in controlling the bacterial infection. Our Topical antibiotics usually consist of inserting gels containing antibiotics in the gap between the teeth and gum and antibiotic mouth rinses or even into pockets after deep cleaning. However, oral antibiotics might be crucial to eliminate infection-causing bacteria.

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