Teeth and Gum Problems That Accompany Diabetes

Teeth and Gum Problems That Accompany Diabetes

Posted by Cozy Cabin Dental on Mar 11 2022, 11:23 AM

Diabetes leads to having dental health problems. This is because high blood sugar can affect your entire body, including your teeth and gums. Oral health problems arise when blood supply to that particular area is reduced. 

Dental Problems That Needs Special Attention

Managing your blood sugar level is the key to controlling diabetes. Keep an eye on these oral health conditions if you have diabetes: 


Most people with diabetes experience problems with their gums. Gingivitis is its first stage. This makes your gum bleed, turn red, and feel sore due to the presence of bacteria. Bacteria feed on sugar, turning it into acid that damages the tooth. 

Diabetes increases the level of sugar in your saliva thereby increasing the presence of bacteria. These bacteria then combine with food particles to form plaque, which is a leading cause of tooth decay and gum disease. 


This is a more serious form of gum disease that happens if gingivitis is left untreated. It destroys the bone and tissue that supports the teeth. Tooth loss happens in some extreme cases. 

Periodontitis is common among people with diabetes.  This is because diabetes lowers the potential to prevent infection and slows recovery. 

Dry Mouth 

The production of saliva slows down with diabetes. This increases the chances of dry mouth. This condition is often termed xerostomia. It also increases the risks of tooth decay, gum diseases, and thrush. 


Fungi-like bacteria also feed on sugar. This develops a fungal yeast infection called thrush. It is common in people with diabetes. Thrush turns into open sores and causes white and red patches on the tongue. There are other fungal infections that come with diabetes. 

Steps to Prevent Problems

The following steps should be taken to prevent damage to your teeth and gums: 

  • Keep your blood sugar level at normal. Dental problems are less likely to develop if one has normal blood sugar level.
  • Keep a routine of brushing your teeth two or more times a day. But do not irritate your gums by harsh scrubbing. 
  • It is better to floss before going to bed. It helps to remove plaque in the teeth and gum line.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking increases the chance of many diabetes complications. 

Cozy Cabin Dental provides effective treatment for people with diabetes. If you have diabetes and need dental care, head over to 3755 W 7800 S, West Jordan, UT 84088. Contact us at (801) 871-5820 or visit our website to book an appointment. 

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