Infant Oral Exams: How Is It Done? Is It Safe?

Infant Oral Exams: How Is It Done? Is It Safe?

Posted by Cozy Cabin Dental on Nov 17 2021, 02:23 AM

The oral examination is one of the most important dental procedures a new parent should undergo. While dentists are experienced in providing an examination for infants, parents should also be aware of every step since they can be challenging. Let us give you some essential tips to help you.

Why Do Infants Need to Have Their Mouths Examined?

  • Parents and doctors can use it to recognize and address early poor dental health behaviors, diets, and oral hygiene.
  • Since nearly half (42%) of all children aged 5 to 10 have dental decay, this helps protect your child from tooth decay, especially their primary teeth. 
  • Helps maintain a routine for dental care and apply fluoride varnish to achieve healthy teeth.
  • Offer guidance in the matter of thumb- and finger-sucking 
  • Reduces fear of dental work and improves compliance

What Are the Possible Benefits?

Studies reveal that the cost of dental care for the patient can be reduced by 50% over five years after an infant oral exam. Early detection and care will also reduce the number of dental visits and procedures they have to undergo in later stages of development. 

Performing an Oral Examination on an Infant

  • If the child is over 12 months, ask if it was done on-demand or as the child went to sleep. Inquire about the child's diet and oral hygiene practices.
  • You will do a lap-to-lap examination. After they apply fluoride varnish. And will let the parent know the child will cry (normal reaction).
  • Lie on your knees/pillow facing the parent and take the child's head back. Then hold the child's hands in yours while the child hugs you (knee-to-knee).
  • A crying child allows you to see the child's gums and teeth. If the child isn't crying, you can prop his mouth open with a soft mouth prop or a toothbrush.

For a new parent, an infant oral exam is a great way to learn about dental decay, good practices, and general oral care. Additionally, this will make a child less fearful about dental visits and more careful about their oral health later in life.


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